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Gammon Technical Products

Island Filters carries a vast array of Gammon products. You may refer to the table of product categories below. Please contact us for product availability and pricing.

Specialists in all aspects of aviation fuel handling and quality control. Manufacturer of innovative, state-of-the-art equipment with emphasis on insuring delivery to aircraft of clean, water-free fuel. Everything from B-777 hydrant system components to drum refueling of helicopters in the wilderness. -

Product Categories: 
Fueling stations Filter membrane fuel test kits Nozzles
Grounding cables Water detectors Cabinets
Grounding clips Additive injection test kits Hydrometers
Sump separators Clay element hardware Gauges
Deadman controls API and Metric density calculators Filters
Refueling hose Floating suction assemblies Decals
Nozzle interlocks Additive injection systems White buckets
Grounding plugs Shipping containers


1215-D Mookaula St.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

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Ken Wilson,
Sales Representative

Tel: (808) 841-3111
Fax: (808) 842-0422


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